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The World’s Greatest Fundraiser for Charitable Causes

FIRST PRIZE: One Winner. One Check. One Billion Dollars (US$1,000,000,000)!

SECOND PRIZE: 100 Individuals Will Receive $1 Million Dollars (US$1,000,000) Each!

AVAZOO Funding Solutions to World's Problems

When you play, 70% of your ticket revenue will be held in a third-party escrow account for prize payouts, and an estimated Three Billion Dollars being donated to charities and charitable programs worldwide. 

With only 50 million tickets available worldwide and a 1-IN-3 CHANCE OF WINNING a cash prize, we expect to sell out quickly… so ACT FAST!

Avazoo – A Revolutionary Paradigm
Shift In Philanthropy

With the constant barrage of devastating natural disasters, rampant diseases, crumbling infrastructures, poverty, and countless other problems on a global scale, the world is in need of HUGE CHANGE. Well meaning nonprofits and charities do all they can to overcome these problems without enough funding. It’s like using a paper cup to put out a blazing forest fire. The world needs more. The world needs Avazoo. The world needs YOU. 

 We have reinvented fundraising in such a way that Avazoo will raise and donate AT LEAST THREE BILLION DOLLARS to various causes in need of sufficient funding by creating the world’s first BILLION DOLLAR RAFFLE for charitable causeds.


Click Here or the “Game Changer” button to learn more about how we are turning the fundraising world upside down to help as many of our neighbors around the world as possible.

What are you waiting for? WE CAN DO THIS!!! Let’s make a change!

Enough Is Enough Let’s Make Big Changes Together!

We are TIRED of seeing people suffer. Our cause is many causes: Whatever cause can help make this world a better place is a cause that is important to us. We do not have any secret agendas. We simply want to help people and give our future generations a better and happier place to live.

One of the founders of Avazoo was inspired to create the Billion Dollar Raffle after being involved in the relief efforts of several major hurricanes and seeing a void and need for funding. We exist to help like-minded charities and non-profit organizations receive the necessary funding to be successful in tackling their respective missions.

Whether it’s natural disaster relief work, enabling children with cleft palates to receive the proper medical treatment they deserve, or bringing clean water to a poor village… we want to be a part of the solution to the world’s problems.


Can you think of a nobler cause? We can’t either!

We are counting on YOU. We need YOUR HELP. We can start making big changes in people’s lives, but we can’t pursue our mission and reach our goals successfully without YOUR SUPPORT.

Click Here or the “Our Cause” button to learn more about what drives Avazoo as a company. Once you understand what we’re all about, we hope you’ll join our cause.

Security Is Our Priority!

When designing the world’s first Billion Dollar Raffle, Avazoo’s top priority and primary requirement was that this be developed as secure as possible, ensuring that the prizes will all be paid out in full with no problems of any kind. We have worked extremely hard to overcome every legal and logistical hurdle to ensure that all of the money involved (the money from sold tickets, the prize money, the funds raised for charity, and so on) is stored safely and securely.

Here is the arrangement our legal team has set up with our banking institutions:

1. 70% of each membership ticket sold will be held in a third-party escrow account for final disbursement to the winners and to our causes.
2. The remaining 30% will be used for bonus prizes, marketing, advertising and operational costs. Our expenditures will be reported with our annual report and audited financial statements.

Avazoo is proud to be led by Dr. Hans Reinisch, Avazoo’s Chairman of The Board. Dr. Reinisch has a proven track record of over 25 years, holding CEO positions worldwide in Europe, Australia, The Caribbean and the United States. In one of his Top Fortune 500 enterprises, he served as the Managing Director and CEO of EMI Music/Capitol Records in Europe.

With his international experience in the entertainment industry, his reputation among entrepreneurs, organizations and top celebrities around the world, his PhD in Management, and his passion for philanthropy, Dr. Hans Reinisch is the perfect Chairman for our company.

Here’s Your Chance… Grab it!!

No Payment or Credit Card Information Taken Through Pre-Launch.
Pre-Launch Expected to Begin May 10, 2021, with Ticket Sales Beginning Summer of 2021.
Anticipated Raffle Draw Date – December of 2021.

1-In-3!! Introducing The Best Odds Ever!

If you have ever played in a lottery, you know that it’s hard to win because of the near-impossible odds.  Very few actually ever win a cash prize.

Not with Avazoo, not by a long shot! You see, we were determined to make the Billion Dollar Raffle something that everyone could afford to play, with much better odds.

We also wanted to ensure that a person wouldn’t go into debt playing, so we restricted players to one ticket per person.

After lots of number crunching and creativity, we devised a way to offer a 1-in-3 chance of you winning a cash prize. Not 1 in 1,000 or even 1 in 100… ONE IN THREE!

Click Here or the “1-in-3 Odds“ button to learn more about how we can offer such awesome odds. If you are one of these people who feel like you have NEVER won a single thing in your life, maybe this is the time to start.


Lotteries Don’t Give FREE Entries…

As mentioned above, those lottery odds are RIDICULOUS. Most people do NOT win a penny! If you want 10 chances to win, you have to buy 10 tickets. That all adds up… often to a whole lot of nothing.

Avazoo, on the other hand, has not only revolutionized fundraising for philanthropy, we have also revolutionized raffles with this brand new concept of ticket holders being able to EARN FREE ADDITIONAL ENTRIES by completing specific tasks, good deeds, supporting sponsoring businesses, and more.

Think of it as THE ULTIMATE REWARDS PROGRAM, where the ultimate reward can be ONE BILLION DOLLARS! Don’t forget, you are only allowed to purchase one single ticket in the raffle… so there is no problem affording to join. We hope this makes Avazoo’s Billion Dollar Raffle accessible to as many people as possible without endangering their finances.

But how can we do this? Click Here or the “FREE ENTRIES” button to learn how you can earn unlimited FREE entries and win One Billion Dollars (US$ 1,000,000,000). The sooner you get your ticket, the more time you have to earn additional free entries.

Choose Your Level Wisely!

When you play in Avazoo’s Billion Dollar Raffle,  YOU CAN ONLY BUY ONE TICKET. This way, no one will go into debt by greedily spending too much money buying more tickets. (Don’t forget that you can  earn FREE additional entries though! See the section above.)

When you do purchase that one ticket, you will have different levels to choose from. You will not be able to change the type of ticket you get once you have chosen your entry level, so choose wisely..

The higher the entry level, the more benefits and free entries you start with. We designed it this way so that everyone has a level that they can afford to join.

There are also different benefits that come with each entry level, including starting out with MORE FREE ENTRIES. We designed it this way so that everyone has a level that they can afford to join.

Click Here or the “ENTRY LEVELS” button to understand the various entry levels. Take your time in reading this section… remember, you have only ONE CHANCE to decide which entry level to join. You can’t change your mind, once you’ve made your purchase.


How To Play!

 Ok, so you’re ready to play! You’ve seen how we offer the best odds (1-in-3!) ever for winning a cash prize and how you can actually EARN ADDITIONAL FREE ENTRIES. We are also offering many FANTASTIC PRIZES IN ADDITION TO THE BILLION DOLLAR GRAND PRIZE.

But first…

In order to play, it’s important to know the rules.
Click Here or the “GAME RULES” button to learn more about the rules. Once you know the rules of the game, we hope you’ll join us. We can’t wait until you have your Billion Dollar Raffle entry in hand!

So Many Prizes!

Winning A BILLION DOLLARS is a big deal. But let’s not forget about the other prizes! We’re also giving 100 winning ticket holders ONE MILLION DOLLARS each!

(Unlike a lottery, our winners will get a lump sum check for the entire amount,
without having to worry about sharing it with other winners.) We are also offering many other cash prizes.

But that’s not all…

Not only are we giving away TONS of cash, we are also giving away other prizes too.

We have sponsors that will be offering various luxury prizes, such as jewelry, cruises, vacations, and more. Our goal is to have fun with this. Don’t forget the fact that being a ticket holder will allow you to enjoy special deals and discounts with our various sponsors.

So, yes, we are giving away US$ 1 BILLION DOLLARS… but the fun doesn’t stop there!

Click Here or the “WINNING PRIZES” button to learn about the various prizes we will be giving away. We hope you’ll join us soon, so you can start winning as soon as we launch!

Bonus Prizes!

Yes , we already mentioned this above, but this is so awesome that we wanted to make sure you got this: We are giving away tons of valuable BONUS PRIZES! These bonus prizes are so great that, in other raffles and giveaways, these might be their grand prizes… but with Avazoo’s Billion Dollar Raffle, these are simply the beginning. We are talking about AWESOME PRIZES such as relaxing cruises, spectacular vacations, high-end watches, and SO MUCH MORE!
When you win one (or more!) of these bonus prizes, all of your entries for the Billion Dollar Raffle remain untouched! That’s right… these truly are BONUSES!!! These are simply EXTRA prizes we are giving away to players for FREE!

Wow! Can this get any better?!! You have NO IDEA… the next section below is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

Click Here or the “MONTHLY BONUS” button to find out more about the awesome bonus prizes we’re giving away. When you’re done with that, you’ll definitely want to continue to the next section.

Let’s Face It…If You Were
The Billion Dollar Winner, It Would Feel Like A Miracle!

The world will be mesmerized watching the live Avazoo event to find out if they have the winning ticket. The most amazing part is the amount of people that will actually win a cash prize and have a chance to become a BILLIONAIRE. Plus, there will also be 100 NEW MILLIONAIRES all in the same day.

More than 16 million people will receive some kind of cash prize at this week-long event, where popular celebrities will participate in the drawing of the 100 one million U.S. dollar winners and the one billion U.S. dollar winner. Of course, with that many winning tickets, we have to break it down into two different drawings.

THE FIRST will be randomly picked automatically through a computer software program that will be certified by an audit company. THE SECOND will be so amazing to watch that literally millions of people will want to watch it on TV or be there in person.

Click Here or the “Miracle Day” button to learn about the 6 day event that can lead you to win the billion dollar grand prize.

Avazoo’s D-Day Raffle
We are very excited in the way we have designed our program and every 12th Raffle will be known as D-Day. This 12th Raffle will be a percentage of the eleven other raffles wherein $250M will be put into a pot from each raffle. We estimate that $2.75B will be set aside waiting for D-Day, which will create excitement around the world. You will have the opportunity with the first raffle to have a free ticket into the D-Day Raffle, if you choose your Entry Level wisely. We will have a full page of details for your review, before ticket sales begin.
100% Legal And Ready To Go!

As you can imagine, creating the WORLD’S FIRST BILLION DOLLAR RAFFLE was no easy task. In fact, this has taken us over a decade of hard work, lots of no’s, dedication, faith, and perseverance. We had to make sure that we did everything correctly, staying within the laws of the lands wherever the raffle is played.

The founders were adamant about certain aspects of the raffle. They wanted to create a program that would not be perceived as gambling or cause anyone to go into debt playing.

Everything about Avazoo and the raffle had to follow all the laws of the land and be 100% legal. The raffle needed to be affordable by all. Every security measure would need to be taken to protect the player, the prize money, and the company. Most importantly, the raffle’s main goal had to be to raise BILLIONS OF U.S. DOLLARS for charities and non-profits worldwide.

After all these years, we have finally completed the ultimate raffle with the ultimate grand prize and have taken every precaution to make this secure, legal, and fun. Are you ready to join us?

Click Here or the “LICENSE” button to learn more about the licensing we’ve secured to legally hold the raffle. We honestly feel that you will be impressed with what you see and have every confidence to play.

Game Rules!

As the biggest raffle the world has ever seen, we’ve become determined to be as transparent as possible. We want YOU to trust us. We’ve become meticulous with our plans to ensure that this is genuine and legal in becoming the world’s greatest fundraiser in history.

And in the interest of being as transparent as possible, we’ve included the complete Game Rules instead of hiding anything in the Terms and Conditions page.

Click Here or the “GAME RULES” button to read the complete game rules. We hope we have earned your trust and look forward to seeing you join the Billion Dollar Raffle!

Join Us

By partnering with Avazoo Worldwide, you’ll have the opportunity to be associated with the world’s largest charitable effort. You will also generate funding for your group. If you’re a church or an organization that is struggling to raise funds for your own personal cause, by partnering directly with Avazoo, you will receive a percentage from each raffle ticket sold by your organization.

Click Here or the “JOIN US” button to learn more about participating in The World’s First Billion Dollar Raffle!


Limited Tickets… Guarantee Yours!

No Payment or Credit Card Information Taken Through Pre-Launch.
Pre-Launch Expected to Begin May 10, 2021, with Ticket Sales Beginning Summer of 2021.
Anticipated Raffle Draw Date – December of 2021.

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