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Avazoo Administration

Avazoo’s Worldwide Nonprofit Program

Avazoo is offering Nonprofits a unique opportunity to substantially increase funding, regardless of the size of your Organization.

Would You Like Your Organization To Be Part Of Avazoo And Our Mission?

This program is completely FREE. By joining, your organization will receive FREE raffle tickets that can be used to raise money with your own fundraisers.

Avazoo’s mission is to help Humanitarian Causes all over the world through a revolutionary paradigm shift in Philanthropy. We are able to accomplish this by featuring the world’s first ever Billion Dollar Worldwide Raffle! If your Organization is successful in Avazoo’s Worldwide Nonprofit Program, we would love to attend your future fundraising events to bring awareness of how we can help each other by working together to change lives across the globe.

Most Nonprofit Organizations are struggling in these difficult times due to circumstances such as CoronavirusNatural Disasters, and a lack of Donations. Avazoo created this Program to donate Free Avazoo Billion Dollar Promotional Raffle Entries to your Nonprofit Organization.

These raffle entries are introductory $20 level entries. Please keep in mind that these Free Promotional Entries CAN be sold where “Online Raffles” are permitted, but be aware that in some countries “Online Raffles” are NOT permitted due to Avazoo’s Licensing Regulations and you CANNOT sell them. However, this allows you the ability to distribute the entries through your own fundraising events as long as they are NOT SOLD individually.

For example, you might want to conduct an auction where you attach a Free Avazoo Billion Dollar Raffle Entry to an item that will be won by the highest bidder. The best part is, all revenue generated from your fundraising event to distribute the Free Promotional Entries is your Nonprofit Organization’s to keep in full!

Let Avazoo Put Money In Your Hands!

If the Winners of the Top 4 Cash Prize Levels are from your allocated batch of promotional raffle entries, you will receive a donation to your Nonprofit Organization as follows:

Winning Raffle Entries = Substantial Donations

As you can see in the example above, your Nonprofit Organization can potentially benefit dramatically from your supporters who received a Free Promotional Raffle Entry through one of your fundraising events. For every one of your Promotional Entries that wins one of the Top 4 Cash Prizesyour Organization will receive a sizable donation. 

Imagine if every winning entry drawn in the Top 4 Cash Prizes came from your allocated Free Promotional Raffle Entries... Then your Nonprofit Organization would receive up to a Grand Total of

$32.5 Million Dollars

This Nonprofit Program is too irresistible to not take advantage of! 

Benefits of Joining Avazoo

Avazoo has a limited number of FREE raffle entries that will be donated to chosen Nonprofit Organizations who can use them for their Fundraising Programs.

In some jurisdictions these FREE entries cannot be sold, but they can be auctioned off or given away in your own fundraising charity events.

The money collected from your fundraising events is yours to keep, and can be used to help your Nonprofit Organization.

Because of the way Avazoo has designed the Raffle, only one initial entry is allowed per person.

However, each raffle entry holder has the opportunity to earn unlimited additional FREE entries by downloading and engaging daily, in the Avazoo App where numerous simple tasks can be completed to earn the FREE entries.

Through this engagement in the Avazoo App it will encourage volunteer work from people within your Nonprofit Organization!

What You Can Do To Help Us

One of the many ways your Nonprofit Organization can help is through your International ties, simply by having them spread the word about the Avazoo Raffle. We hope this will help us with the sale of raffle entries. This is the essence of why we are donating FREE Avazoo Raffle Entries to your Organization. By helping us you are helping your Nonprofit Organization raise funds at the same time, all at No Cost to your Organization!

In these tough times where everything is so unpredictable, it is quite comforting to know that Avazoo is here to lend a Helping Hand.

We are a faith-based Organization that has developed a new and innovative approach to PhilanthropyThe Hope Impact Team has partnered with Avazoo. Our desire is to promote the welfare of others especially by the generous donations of resources to the causes. During this time of uncertainty dealing with pandemicsearthquakesvolcanoes, and natural disasters all over the world, our founders have created a way to reach out and give relief to those most in need.

Find Out Why The Former CEO of EMI Records, Dr. Hans Reinisch, and Season 24 Winner of Dancing With the Stars, Rashad Jennings, Are So Excited To Be A Part of Avazoo


Meet Avazoo’s Chairman Of The Board, DR. HANS REINISCH

Former CEO of EMI Records, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, In the image with Jay Leno “This is a philanthropic venture that I’m most impressed with. It’s an honor to be part of something so revolutionary. I believe it will truly change the world.”

Meet Avazoo’s Host, RASHAD JENNINGS

Dancing With The Stars Season 24 Winner, NFL Veteran, NY Times Best Selling Author, Philanthropist “When I ran across this opportunity, to hear that this is a global thing to help change the world, I said ‘Count me in!’, without a doubt.”

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Hello future partners of AVAZOO. I want to share my story with you about how I got involved in this program. I met the founder in 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee. That also happened to be the weekend I preached my first sermon. Over the years, the founder of AVAZOO and myself became good friends. I grew up in a Baptist church in Central Florida. The church would conduct raffles to raise funds for youth programs such as Summer trips for all of the kids. In 2010, I got a chance to sit down and talk with the founder of AVAZOO once again and he explained how he had a vision of creating a raffle, much like a church raffle, but on a worldwide scale. Knowing God put it in both of our hearts, I have been involved in the project ever since. Knowing that 70% of all funds raised will go towards philanthropy work such as Natural Disaster victims, Charitable Organizations, and struggling Nonprofits, I just couldn’t say no! This is my passion to help humanity all over the world and I hope it can be yours as well!

Minister John McDuffie & Wife Aurelia McDuffie
Minister John McDuffie & Wife Aurelia McDuffie

Apply Here To See If You Qualify

Because we want you to understand how the Avazoo Billion Dollar Raffle works, the only requirement to keep your FREE Avazoo $100 VIP Raffle Entry is, you must earn 100 additional Free Entries every 2 Week Cycle.