The Prizes

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The Prizes

The Prizes

Winning A BILLION DOLLARS is a big deal.. but, don’t forget about the other prizes! We’re also giving 100 winning entry holders one million dollars each! Unlike a lottery, each of these winners will get a lump sum check for the entire amount, without having to share the prize with any other winners!

There will be many other cash and non-cash prizes as well! Sponsors will be offering various luxury prizes, such as expensive jewelry, cruises, vacations, and more! When you win a bonus prize, this does NOT affect how many entries you have in the raffle! These are FREE prizes! So if you have 100 entries in the raffle before you win a bonus prize, you will STILL have 100 entries in the raffle AFTER you receive your bonus prize. That’s right, YOU CAN KEEP WINNING!

Also, being an entry holder will allow you to enjoy exclusive deals and discounts with our various sponsors.

So, yes, we are giving away a billion dollars (US$1,000,000,000), but the fun doesn’t stop there!

The Prizes

The Award Process

To make this as fair as possible, as well as ensuring the security and integrity of the award process. we do NOT start the prize drawings until AT LEAST 30 DAYS after the last raffle entry has been sold. We are doing this so that everyone, including the very last person, has sufficient time to earn free additional entries.

After the 30 day anniversary of the last entry sold, Avazoo will then send the verified email addresses (unverified email addresses are disqualified per raffle rules) of all the raffle participants to a third party draw service company commonly used for many of the world’s largest lotteries. This company will receive this data only after all the data is carefully verified by the regulators. Once the official approval has been given, each email address will be assigned a unique randomly generated 16-digit entry number. The numbers will then be pulled from this pool of entry numbers.

Over 16 million $10 prizes will be pulled on day one to ensure that we’ve fulfilled our 1-in-3 odds guarantee. Once these prizes have all been assigned to winning entry numbers, the winners will all be notified. Approximately 30 days after this has been done, the final drawing event dates will be announced to the world.

Let The Fun Begin!

During the final drawing event, the winners of the remaining cash prizes will be drawn. What an exciting week this will be! Don’t forget, if you have earned additional FREE entries, then even if you have already won a cash prize, you will still be eligible for that prize to be replaced with a larger cash prize! On the last day of the event, we will draw the final 100 one million dollar prizes as well as the grand prize, the largest single lump sum prize in history; ONE BILLION DOLLARS!


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