Our Philanthropy Board

Our Philanthropy Board

The Billion Dollar Raffle will capture the imaginations of millions of people around the world. Avazoo Worldwide is strongly committed to working as a “sustainable” corporation, fully adopting a management model that incorporates ethical financial, social, and  ecological values.

In line with Avazoo’s Worldwide Philanthropic endeavors, Gerard McKeon and Joyce Brooks, publishers of Black Tie International Magazine,  have accepted the challenge of forming a international board to direct Avazoo’s philanthropic giving. Having been intimately involved in organizing and attending hundreds of Philanthropy events for the past ten years, Gerard and Joyce are very well respected within celebrity, high society, and philanthropic circles. Their international contacts are unparalleled and their ability to bring people together is invaluable.

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Avazoo Worldwide is in the process of appointing up to 100 philanthropically and charitably minded individuals from around the world to sit on an advisory committee, which will in turn serve as advisors to the Avazoo Worldwide Philanthropy Board. The Avazoo Worldwide Philanthropy Board will consist of high-profile individuals from around the world, known for their philanthropic work.

The Avazoo Worldwide Advisory Committee will be made up of approximately 25 corporations, 50 philanthropic individuals, and 25 corporate sponsors of the Billion Dollar Raffle. Members of the Avazoo Worldwide Advisory Committee will have the opportunity to meet with the Avazoo Worldwide Philanthropy Board four times a year at each Billion Dollar Raffle event to help determine which specific charitable projects Avazoo Worldwide will support.


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