Daily Game

How To Play

🕒 Game Timing: The weekly game kicks off every Monday at one minute past midnight, painting your week with excitement until the following Sunday night at midnight. Brace yourself Monday morning for the spinoff extravaganza – a three-day spectacle, concluding on Wednesday night at the stroke of midnight.

🎮 Play Your Way: All Avazoo ticket holders can play in the game free, week after week, and month after month. As long as they have completed the KYC sign-up process, indicated by those icons going from "Not Done" (Red) to "Done" (Green) in the sign-up process inside your dashboard. 

🆓 100% Free, 100% Thrilling: Remember, these games are an exhilarating escape that doesn't touch your initial raffle ticket entry into the Billion Dollar Raffle for Charitable Causes.

How To Play The Avazoo's Daily Game