We know you are Influential, but how much higher can you reach?

Are you ready to be famous?
Teaming up with Avazoo will launch our influencers to new heights that most people only dream of attaining.
We want the world to know your name!

We know you are Influential, but how much higher can you reach


Want to Know More?

What is Avazoo?

Avazoo is a unique concept that has been introduced to the world to raise funds for humanitarian causes. Avazoo is the perfect platform for you to grow your audience while supporting charities, participating businesses, and offering your followers the chance to win One Billion Dollars!

Your popularity will skyrocket!

One Single 1 Billion Dollar Grand Prize Winner!
100 Second Place 1 Million Dollar Winners!
Only 50 Million Raffle Entries Available Worldwide!
Over 16 Million Cash Prize Winners!
1 in 3 odds of Winning a Cash Prize!
Power to Earn Additional FREE Entries for Doing Good Deeds!
Over 3 Billion Dollars Generated for Humanitarian Causes Worldwide!
what is avazoo

Do we have your attention yet?

Do we have your attention yet

We hope so! We also hope that you are just as excited as we are to help put much needed funding into the hands of struggling charitable organizations across the globe.

Do we have your attention yet

Avazoo’s mission is to help humanitarian causes through a revolutionary paradigm shift in philanthropy, featuring the world’s first Billion Dollar Worldwide Raffle.

Do we have your attention yet

The best part is, you could earn a FREE raffle ticket just by helping us spread the word on social media.

Influencer Pitch

Are you so Influential on social media that your followers wait to hear and see what you have to say about products, restaurants, services, and where you shop? If you answered yes, that makes you a very powerful person. 

Word of mouth advertising is the best advertising. It’s important to us, and we bet it’s important to you too. That is precisely why we need your help getting the word out about Avazoo’s Worldwide Billion Dollar Raffle for humanitarian causes!

Our goal is to make Avazoo a household name around the globe and with your help we are confident we can reach that goal together!

Let’s Talk About Rewards

The Avazoo Worldwide Influencer Program aims to secure a future for charitable causes with the help of its supporters.

In return, you can receive exciting rewards for your support.

Let’s Talk About Rewards

Free Raffle Ticket

The Avazoo Worldwide Influencer Program rewards participants with a FREE Ticket to the Avazoo Worldwide Billion Dollar Raffle.


Lots of additional free entries

Influence someone to purchase a ticket for 5 FREE entries. Every time you post on your social media platforms, you will be rewarded with 3 more entries.


Chance to win $1M Dollars

Influence someone to buy their Avazoo raffle ticket. Receive 1 Million Dollars if they become the Billion Dollar Grand Prize Winner.


Chance to win $100K dollars

You can win $100,000 Dollars for every Million Dollar Winner you influence to buy their Avazoo raffle ticket. There are 100 second place prize winners, and you may have influenced one or more of them.


Top 10 Influencers will be rewarded with $1M donation

If you are one of the Top 10 Influencers, you will receive a 1 Million Dollar Donation to an Avazoo approved charity of your choice.

Ranking will be determined by the number of participants influenced using your referral code.

Top 10 influencers get to join in the 3 day draw event

As one of the Top 10 Influencers, you will receive a personal invitation with an all expense paid stay to the 3 Day Draw Event, where you will be seen by millions of people and draw one of the 1 Million Dollar Ticket Winners.

Travel expenses to and from the event are the sole responsibility of the attendee.

Influencer Winner’s Diagram

You Win! Avazoo Wins!
Humanitarian Causes Around the World Win!

Influencer Winner’s Diagram

Influencer Winner’s Diagram

How To Join The Influencer Program?

  1. Fill out the application.
  2. Qualify and receive the official title of “Avazoo Influencer”.
  3. Receive your personal referral code.
  4. Complete the Influencer requirements and receive a FREE Avazoo Billion Dollar Raffle Ticket!
  5. Start earning unlimited additional FREE entries. This increases your probability of winning!
  6. Receive big money if anyone you influence purchases a raffle ticket and wins 1st and/or 2nd place prizes at the Miracle Day Billion Dollar Draw Event!
  7. You could even be the winner of a big cash prize!

Start My Avazoo Influencer Journey Now

Influencer Program Requirements

    • Influencers must have a minimum of 3,000 followers on at least one social media platform to apply.
    • Influencers must sign up and apply
    • Influencers will receive one FREE $20 entry level ticket once they have made 1 unique post 4 times per week on 3 separate platforms for 30 consecutive days.
    • Influencers must complete a minimum of 45 out of the 50 available posts in a 30 day period or they will not qualify and must start over.
    • Influencers who only have one platform, must post 2 unique posts per day for 30 consecutive days.
    • Influencers with a single social media platform must complete a minimum of 50 out of the 60 available posts in a 30 day period or they will not qualify and must start over.
    • Influencer’s prior posts will be reviewed as part of the approval process and there must be no history of violent or inappropriate content.

The Influencer opportunities are limited and going fast. HURRY, DON’T DELAY!

    Error Message


    “You may be contacted by an Avazoo Representative to review your Social Media Profiles
    to ensure your profile/page is in line with the Avazoo brand and mission ”

    “If you do not qualify, we have other programs that may be of interest to you.”

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