So Many Prizes!

We are sure that you are as excited about the Billion Dollar Raffle as much as we are. But did you know, that is not the only prize? That’s right! That’s just the beginning… we will also give all kinds of other prizes, including 100 ONE MILLION DOLLAR PRIZES!

No doubt, you have some questions. Hopefully, we’ll answer your questions as we go into more detail of how it’s all going to work…

The Award Process!

We’ve thought long and hard in designing this entire event and are making every effort to make this as fair for everyone as possible as well as ensuring the security and integrity of the award process. That is why we do NOT start the prize drawings until AT LEAST 30 DAYS AFTER THE LAST TICKET HAS BEEN SOLD. We are doing this so that EVERYONE, INCLUDING THE VERY LAST PERSON, has sufficient time to earn free additional entries.

After the 30-day anniversary of the last ticket sold, Avazoo will then send the verified email addresses (unverified email addresses are disqualified per raffle rules) of all the raffle participants to a Third Party Draw Service Company that is very commonly used for many of the world’s largest lotteries. This Third Party Draw Service Company has received this data, but only after all the data is first examined carefully and verified by the regulators to be correct. Once the official approval has been given by the regulators, each email address will be assigned a unique randomly generated 16-digit ticket number and then they will begin pulling from this pool of ticket numbers.

Over 16 million $10 prizes will be pulled on day one to ensure that we’ve fulfilled our 1-in-3 odds guarantee. Once these prizes have all been assigned to winning ticket numbers, the holders of these winning numbers will all be notified that they have won a cash prize. Approximately 30 days after this has been done, the final drawing event dates will be announced to the world.


Let The Fun Begin!

The final drawing event will be when we give away the rest of the cash prizes above $10. What an exciting week this will be! Don’t forget, if you have earned additional (FREE) entries, then, even if you already won a cash prize, you will still be eligible to have that cash prize REPLACED WITH A LARGER CASH PRIZE! On the last day of the event, we will draw the final 100 ONE MILLION DOLLAR PRIZES as well as the GRAND PRIZE, the largest single lump sum prize in history: ONE BILLION DOLLARS!
What are you waiting for… Get your raffle ticket today!

Huge Cash Prizes Await…
Hurry Up and Reserve Your Ticket!

No Commitment, No Payment, No Credit Card Info Taken
Launch Date: Pre Launch Expected to Begin at the End of
May 2021, with Ticket Sales Beginning June 1, 2021.

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