Do you believe in Miracles?

Winning a billion dollars may be hard to believe… but we definitely are going to give it away to one person. When something is really hard to believe, and it comes true, we sometimes will call it a miracle.

If you’re not sure if you believe in miracles, now’s the time to start… because this is one miracle you cannot afford to ignore! What would you do with one billion dollars? Can you imagine the possibilities? Most of us can’t fathom how much money that would be.


How Much Money Is One Billion Dollars?

This is what ONE billion dollars looks like. We highly recommend NOT keeping this much money in your bedroom!

If you won our Miracle Day $1,000,000,000 grand prize and gave them to you in one hundred dollar bills, your money would weigh more than TWO of these killer whales!

As of May 2018, becoming a billionaire would put you in a club of only 2,208 people in the entire world! In the U.S., there are only 585 billionaires total. China has 819. As a billionaire, you’ll be richer than 13 different nations combined!

If you stacked one billion dollars in a pile using $100 bills, that pile would be 3,385 feet (over 1 km) and weigh 20,000 pounds (10 tons; almost 9072 kg), the weight of TWO average-size KILLER WHALES!

Now that we have established that winning the Miracle Day grand prize would give you more money than you could ever imagine, how can you make sure that you are in the grand prize drawing?

A Life Changing Event!

As you can imagine, giving away as much money as Avazoo is giving away will be no small task. In fact, it’s going to take six days of drawings to do so… and IT’S GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!

Approximately 30 days after the last raffle ticket is sold, we will announce the 1-in-3 Day drawing (the first of several days of prize drawings). Because of the sheer number of prizes that we will be giving away, we will be breaking up the drawings into the following days:

Day 1

1-in-3 Day 1 – We will be drawing all the $10 cash prizes. The number of prizes will equal one third the total number of raffle tickets sold. If, for example, 50 million tickets are sold, we anticipate drawing an estimated 16,666,667 winners! At this point, we will have kept our promise of giving everyone a 1-in-3 chance of winning a cash prize. If your ticket number is drawn, CONGRATULATIONS! Don’t forget, though, that even if you win a $10 prize (or any subsequent prize for that matter), as long as you have earned free additional entries, you are still in the raffle and eligible to win bigger and bigger prizes… all the way up to the ONE BILLION DOLLAR CASH PRIZE! Soon after, Avazoo will announce the official dates and location of the Main Event. We estimate that the Main Event will occur up to 90 days from the day of the announcement.

The Main Event – Now that we’ve fulfilled our promise that one out of every three tickets would win a cash prize, it’s time for the real fun! We believe that many of the tickets that won the $10 prize will have multiple free additional entries, so it’s very possible that many of them will win an even bigger prize. As long as you have entries in the raffle, you can still win bigger and bigger prizes! Over a total of 6 days, Avazoo will give away the rest of the cash prizes, including the ONE BILLION DOLLAR GRAND PRIZE! Here is how the days and prize drawings will break down:

Day 2

  • 500,000     $25 Winners
  • 50,000       $100 Winners
  • 25,000       $250 Winners
  • 10,000        $500 Winners
  • 7,500          $1,000 Winners
  • 5,000         $2,500 Winners
  • 2,500         $5,000 Winners
  • 1,000          $10,000 Winners
  • 500             $25,000 Winners

Day 3

  • 500             $100,000 Winners

Day 4

  • 100              $500,000 Winners

Day 5

  • 50                $1,000,000 Winners

Day 6

  • 50                $1,000,000 Winners
  • ONE             $1,000,000,000 winner (live drawing)Will the first person in history to win a lump sum of one billion dollars be YOU?

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