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Avazoo’s Crypto Payment

Avazoo is extremely proud to now offer an additional option to join the first ever Billion Dollar Raffle! Due to the shift in technology around the world, with the introduction of cryptocurrencies on the blockchain network, Avazoo has decided to join this revolutionary shift in order to provide our raffle players with another exciting alternative to participate in the raffle. We have decided to incorporate the use of NFTs that can be customized and personalized so that we can offer our players an additional value by participating in the raffle, besides just having a chance to win a cash prize. NFTs have taken the world by storm and some of the most popular ones have become highly collectible and extremely valuable! Through this innovation, we expect that Avazoo NFTs will be no different!

 In order to create your own personalized NFT and receive your raffle entry into the Billion Dollar Raffle, you must first download one of our recommended crypto wallets in order to purchase and add cryptocurrency into that wallet. Then, you will transfer that cryptocurrency as a payment to Avazoo to secure your NFT and receive your raffle entry into the drawing. What’s even more exciting about this option is that if you are a lucky winner in the raffle of a prize up to $25,000, you will receive the payout back into your crypto wallet instantly, without delays that are sometimes possible while waiting for a check to arrive in the mail! Please keep in mind, cryptocurrency wallets are extremely safe and secure, and many people across the world are learning more and more every day about this very fast growing technology!

The links below will take you to Avazoo’s recommended crypto wallets so that you can decide which you prefer and would like to download. As with anything, we highly recommend that you do your own due diligence and research about NFTs, cryptocurrency, blockchain network, and how to download your own personal crypto wallet so that you can feel comfortable and knowledgeable about making this important choice! Thank you so much for your interest, and remember, by joining Avazoo’s Billion Dollar Raffle, you are helping to put much needed funding in the hands of struggling charities and natural disaster victims all across the globe!

The following are the crypto wallets that we feel are the most versatile and easy for the user to set up and use.

Wallets that Avazoo Will be Paying Winnings Through

The Following Wallets are the Wallets that Avazoo Prefers to Accept Payments From

The following are links to short tutorial videos that explainNFTs, Crypto Wallets and Blockchain in simple terms

What is an NFT? (Crypto Beginners)(2:05)

What are Crypto Wallets?|Explained for Beginners (6:02)

What is Cryptocurrency|Explained For Beginners (3:00)

NFTs Explained in 4 Minutes (3:33)

How does Blockchain Work? – Simply Explained (5:59)

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